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What to expect

Free Phone Consultation

I offer an initial free 20 minute phone call. This gives us a chance to connect and find out if therapy is the right option for you. We will also discuss in what format you would like to receive counselling. At this time I have some online (Zoom) sessions and face to face sessions in Harley Street, London.


Assessment Session

Once we have connected and provided we both feel that therapy may be the right option for you, I will offer you an assessment session. I will send you a registration form and CORE form to complete before our assessment session. I will go through your returned forms before meeting with you, this helps me to understand a little about you and make the best use of the time during your session,

The assessment session is a chance to meet me and for me to get to know you. I will ask you questions about yourself and what has bought you to counselling. You can also bring your own questions to this session.  
During the assessment session, I want to get a good understanding of who you are. This could include things like what you do for a living, how your physical health is and what your goals are. We will also discuss how and if counselling is a suitable option for you and how we may proceed with counselling sessions.

Counselling Sessions

Once I offer you a counselling sessions, these sessions take place on the same day and time on a weekly basis. Your sessions will last for 50 minutes.

Online Counselling Sessions

At the moment most counselling takes place over Zoom / WhatsApp or via any agree online meeting method. It is important that you treat the time as a focussed event and ensure that you have a quiet private space to hold the conversation, to enable you speak freely.


Available session times

Please contact me to find out about available session times for online counselling.

Harley Street face to face sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Online session are £65.00 per session: Fully Booked

Harley Street sessions are £120.00 per session: Limited Availability
Block booking of ten sessions paid in advance are subject to a 10% discount.

Session are payable on the day of the session unless paid in advance.


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