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About Glenda

I have had private practice for a number of years and as well as having extensive experience in the charity sector, providing both long term and short term psychotherapy to a range of clients. I have experience working with a broad range of issues including grief, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, paranoia, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, trauma and abuse. I believe that given the chance to be truly listened to and thought about in a safe environment can bring about changes that you could not otherwise achieve without therapy.

I am practical as well as theoretical, having studied psychodynamic counselling to an advanced diploma level I believe in the power of the unconscious mind guiding our behaviours and thoughts. As we work together to excavate these hidden depths, you will start to experience relief, which ultimately leads to better psychological health and self awareness.  I am also able to help you move forward with your life once we have uncovered what is holding you back with a more cognitive behavioural approach. Therefore your therapy has the opportunity to evolve and grow as you do.

As a Vice-Chair on the governing body for a local nursery for 3 years, with my area of interest being in the Special Needs provision, I have gained an in depth understanding of the challenges of working within an educational setting to provide children and parents with support and education. The difficulties that parents face in getting a referral and diagnosis for their children as well as the acceptance and understanding of how a diagnosis affects family life. 

I combine safety, security and warmth with gentle challenging to create a trusting therapeutic relationship. In this environment with open dialogue and collaboration, you will feel more empowered to find yourself, your voice, your autonomy and individuality.

Your potential to live life without constant worries, anxieties, panic and repeating patterns, may be something you have never had a chance to experience before.


'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'. Carl Jung

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